Pool FAQs

Current protocols

  • Reservations are currently not required for lap swim. Reservations are required for family/open swim, and water exercise classes.
  • Circle Swim Description
    During this time, up to 3 swimmers will be swimming in 1 lane. Swimmers must swim on the right side of the lane, swimming counter clockwise (down on right, back on right) rather than side by side. The Aquatics team will do their best to coordinate swimmers of similar abilities accordingly. If a swimmer is joining the lane late, they must notify the other swimmers in their lane that they are joining the lane. Swimmers needing to pass a swimmer should tap the member in front of them gently on their foot to indicate they will pass them.

    Monday-Saturday, the therapy lane should only be reserved for individuals requiring the chair lift or stairs to enter the pool, and/or for individuals engaging in water therapy such as water walking/running, water aerobics, or gentle swim therapy.

    Safety is our top priority at the Y and we will continue to monitor procedures and regulations to make necessary changes if needed. We thank you for your continued commitment to the Y and hope that you will continue to have a great experience with us

    Circle Swim Etiquette
    At designated times, lanes 3 and 4 will be used for circle swimming.
    When approaching a lane that already has 2 or more swimmers, make sure to notify all swimmers that you are joining the lane.
    Swimmers must swim on the right side of the lane, swimming counter clockwise (down on right, back on right).
    If you need to pass a swimmer, please tap the member in front of you on the foot and they should move to the right.
    The pool concierge will pre assign you to a starting location of the pool, starting either at the shallow or deep end.
    If you need a break or to take a pause, please go to one of the 4 corners in your lane and make note that the other swimmers will swim around you.
    Be mindful of the swimmers in your swimming lane and modify stroke if/when needed.

Reservations are required for family swim. 

  • Reservations must be made up to 73  hours  in advance.  We recommend you use the Rye Y App.