Special Needs

Special Needs Special Needs

Inclusive Sports

The Rye YMCA, in partnership with Backyard Sports Cares, offers children of all abilities (ages Kinder-garten through 8th grade) a sports program geared for young athletes with special needs. 

The program is led by adult coaches and each participant is paired 1:1 with a middle or high school volunteer.  Players will learn sport specific skills using a special education curriculum, in a safe environment giving each athlete an opportunity to succeed at their own individual pace. 

In addition to skill acquisition, players will participate in appropriately competitive games and challenges.  Find out details in the current program guide. 

Watch a slideshow of the basketball program. 

Swim Programs


Caring instructors will offer private lessons that incorporate water safety, swim technique, and confidence building. Please fill out a private lesson request form and address any specific special needs child has and any accommodations that should be made for the lesson.  Check the current program guide for details and fees. 


Ages 5-9 This program is designed for 5-9 year olds with and without special needs to learn alongside one another. Special accommodations,including separate tryouts, will be made for children with special needs. The focus is on practicing lap swimming with instruction in a variety of strokes and techniques. Participants will be learning and fine tuning skills in order to become a more competitive swimmer. Participants should be able to swim 25 continuous yards with rotary breathing and 25 yards continuous basic backstroke. Optional inter/intra squad swim meets will be held. Tryouts required prior to registering.


Ages 10-16.  This program is designed for 10-16 year old children with and without special needs to learn together. Special accommodations, including separate tryouts, will be made for children with special needs. The focus is on practicing ap swimming with instructions in a variety of strokes and techniques. This is an opportunity for swimmers who ave basic knowledge and ability in all four strokes. The Practice Team will feature extensive stroke work to help improve all four strokes and advance the swimmer’s level of endurance. Participation in swim meets is OPTIONAL. Tryouts required prior to registering: Online registration is available for the programs below. Click here to register.

Questions, contact
Vickie Kourtelis, Senior Director of Aquatics/Safety  mailto:vickie@ryeymca.org