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Youth Basketball Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball Classes

child holding basketball

Our basketball classes help kids develop their confidence while teaching new skills. For children aged 5-7, the focus is on learning the basics of dribbling, shooting and passing. Children aged 8-11, are taught basketball drills that are both fun and challenging, such as footwork, ball handling and shooting.

We also offer a Middle School Basketball League and Clinic for grades 6-8. Participants will learn as they play. Focuses on skills and drills including dribbling, shooting and passing as well as coordination, fitness and balance including effective foot work, ball handling technique and shooting form followed by gameplay.

Youth Basketball League (YBL)

Ages 5-9

Our Youth Basketball Leagues (YBL) take the YMCA Super Sports philosophy and puts it to work. Participants receive a half hour instruction, followed by a half hour game. This is a progressive league that will allow participants to learn as they play. We offer a Co-Ed Basketball League and a Girls Basketball League.

Teams play one game a week from mid-November through February. Registration starts in October.  For more information, please contact Tatum Nussbaum. 

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