Pool Guidelines

Click here for current pool schedule (including water exercise classes and family swim)

All members must sign a pre-arrival waiver electronically to be admitted.  Click here for details.

As of August 7, 2021, Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, ages 2+ are required to wear a mask indoors at the Y while outside the pool or shower.

Updated protocols as of June 26, 2021

  • Reservations are required for most aquatic activities including lap swim, family/open swim, and water exercise classes.
  • Drop-in swim times will be added. When 6 lanes are available, 4 lanes will be reservation based and 2 lanes will be open for drop-in adult lap swim. Swimmers will swim side by side during this time, however the arrival of a third member immediately changes the lane to a circle swim lane.
  • 2 swimmers per lane, but no need for deep end or shallow end reservations.
  • Family swim will remain reservation based but lane lines will be removed.
  • Adult Locker rooms are open with no capacity restraints –  unvaccinated members must wear masks and maintain social distancing of 6 feet.
    When using the locker room, individuals will have access to showers and lockers. The saunas are currently closed.
  • Chairs will be removed from the pool areas and members will have the options to store belongings on hooks or in the locker room areas.
  • Water exercise classes will be reservation based.
  • Please make note that both pools will be closed on Friday, July 2 8:00-9:00am. There will be no swim activities (lap swim or water exercise) during that timeframe.
  •  Brookside pool will open at 5:30am Monday-Friday.
    The first swim reservation Monday-Friday will be 5:30-6:50am. All other reservation times will continue to start on the hour and will run for 50 minutes, unless otherwise indicated on the pool schedule.
    Monday-Friday 5:30am there will be 2 lanes, lanes 3 and 4 available for high density/high intensity swimmers in the Brookside pool. These 2 lanes can accommodate up to 6 swimmers per swimming lane with similar high speed. Pre-requisite to join this lane is being able to swim at least 3,000 yards at a fast pace in the allotted early morning swim time. Members who qualify and who are comfortable swimming together, should reserve this lane specifically using the High Intensity Circle Swim reservation. There will be up to 12 spots (in 2 lanes) available.High Intensity Circle Swim Description

    Swimmers reserving this swim time should be competitive swimmers, comfortable swimming fast pace 3,000 yards (equivalent to 120 swim laps) during the reserved swim block. During this time, up to 6 swimmers of similar competitive swim abilities will swim together in 1 lane coordinating rests at similar times to allow for staggered rest times.Monday-Saturday, at times there are 5-6 lanes available for lap swim, we will accommodate circle swimming for up to 3 swimmers per lane in lanes 3 and 4 of the Brookside pool. Members should reserve this lane specifically using the Circle Swim reservation. During this swim reservation, swimmer should expect to swim in a circle rather than side by side, accommodating up to 3 swimmers in each swim lane.

    Circle Swim Description
    During this time, up to 3 swimmers will be swimming in 1 lane. Swimmers must swim on the right side of the lane, swimming counter clockwise (down on right, back on right) rather than side by side. The Aquatics team will do their best to coordinate swimmers of similar abilities accordingly. If a swimmer is joining the lane late, they must notify the other swimmers in their lane that they are joining the lane. Swimmers needing to pass a swimmer should tap the member in front of them gently on their foot to indicate they will pass them.

    Monday-Saturday, the therapy lane should only be reserved for individuals requiring the chair lift or stairs to enter the pool, and/or for individuals engaging in water therapy such as water walking/running, water aerobics, or gentle swim therapy.

    Safety is our top priority at the Y and we will continue to monitor procedures and regulations to make necessary changes if needed. We thank you for your continued commitment to the Y and hope that you will continue to have a great experience with us

    Circle Swim Etiquette
    At designated times, lanes 3 and 4 will be used for circle swimming.
    When approaching a lane that already has 2 or more swimmers, make sure to notify all swimmers that you are joining the lane.
    Swimmers must swim on the right side of the lane, swimming counter clockwise (down on right, back on right).
    If you need to pass a swimmer, please tap the member in front of you on the foot and they should move to the right.
    The pool concierge will pre assign you to a starting location of the pool, starting either at the shallow or deep end.
    If you need a break or to take a pause, please go to one of the 4 corners in your lane and make note that the other swimmers will swim around you.
    Be mindful of the swimmers in your swimming lane and modify stroke if/when needed.

Pa Cope Pool 

Youth/Teen Lap Swim for youth/teens 12-14 and Family Swim will be held in the Pa Cope pool. Please check schedule for details.

Reservation Policy:

  • Reservations must be made up to 48 hours  before, online or  by calling the Y at 914-967-6363.
  • Last reservation is taken up to 2 hours prior to time of swim or class
  • 15 minute grace period
  • Maximum of one reservation per member, per day with no transfer of reservations
  • Maximum of 4 reservations per week per member
  • A no-show without cancellation, will count against the member’s reservation limit for the week
  • If the member has two no-shows in one week, then the member will not be allowed to make any reservations for the next 7 days.
  • Please wait outside or in your car until 5 minutes before reservation time.