Rye Y Story Project: Rick

RickVI decided to check out the Y because my wife, Joy Jacobson, teaches classes at the Wainwright house. I love it here. I train with Kaleena which is the most grueling thing I’ve ever done. She’s gotten me in the best shape of my life. I’m 51 and was starting to gain weight. I had a routine on the machines in the fitness center but I had reached a plateau.

Kaleena is so great at listening to me and what I want to achieve. I have a bad back and she is very understanding and helps me work around it. She also has me eating better. I’ve lost about 15 pounds but have also gained a lot of muscle. I just want to be healthy with functional strength for living my life. I don’t use any of the machines anymore. I train with Kaleena a few times a week but also work out on my own – I have to be in shape just for her workouts.

Both my sons, age 14 and 16, learned to swim here and now work out with Brendan. The other day we all came together and worked out which was great. I like it here because it doesn’t feel like a hardcore gym – it feels like a community, like a neighborhood. I felt terrible when the Y was flooded in the past. I missed it so much – this place is addicting.

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