Rye Y Story Project: Paula

PaulaThe Y helped me through the most difficult period in my life. In 2006, I had a health crisis. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and within 3 months underwent 3 surgeries and radiation therapy. I was able to resume my exercise routine at the Y within 5 months of my diagnosis. My doctors attributed my quick recovery to my positive attitude and the fact that I was in good physical condition going in.

I credit the Y for keeping me totally motivated. Whenever I stopped by the Y during my recovery period, everyone was, and continues to be, so welcoming and caring. Once I was able to exercise again, I worked with a personal trainer to establish a new routine and started going to all of our fabulous group exercise classes.

I retired in late 2011, and now go to 10 classes a week. I feel surrounded by people who care here. I love this place; it is my second home. Because the Y has given me so much, I have chosen to volunteer here so that I can “give back.” It is the best “gift” I have ever given to myself. I enjoy sitting at the front desk greeting existing and potential members and helping out in HR, both of which use the skills I developed during my 38-year working career.

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