Rye Y Story Project: Louise

LouiseThe minute I walked into the Y I was so impressed by the welcoming environment. I’ve always been intimidated by the competitive environment in gyms. The staff here all made me feel welcome and comfortable – from the people at the Front Desk to upstairs in the Fitness Center. I love seeing so many ages and stages – from little kids to older people – mingling together. It was great to see how the Y was a lifeline during the storm. I really felt like I was a part of a community.

I started LIVESTRONG at the YMCA in September and it has been terrific. I still get chemo once a month and everyone in the program has been very flexible and supportive about that. I’ve been encouraged to push myself and try new things. I never thought I could use weight machines or participate in a Zumba or a Spin class. I’ve cycled before but the idea of a Spin class seemed so scary until I did it here. All my life my arms have jiggled and now the muscles in my arms are really getting strong!

In the past, I was somebody who was the last person picked for sports. I always felt like the klutz. This is the first place where I’ve felt like I can be a fit person.

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