Rye Y Story Project: Jill

JillYes, my power is out at home [Hurricane Sandy], but I would have come here anyway! It keeps me both healthy and sane. I’ve done everything here! The pool, Zumba, Yoga.… I’ve been a member for 35 years. I am bionic, with three hip replacements and a repaired crushed knee. The Y is my self-rehabilitation station. I know that I can retire right here because everything you need is right here. If you are injured, you can get well. You can maintain your health. The whole atmosphere is friendly, even the employees seem remarkably happy.

I’ve lived in Rye for 38 years. I speak French and worked for Air France at JFK airport and in Paris. I then became a dance teacher and co-owned A Dance Studio in Larchmont. Interested in health and healing, I became a certified Zen Shiatsu instructor for the Ohashi Institute and then a licensed Acupuncturist since 1989. I have always been a seeker and teacher and founded Animal Nation, a non profit organization with a mission to speak up for all living beings as well as rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused, orphaned and injured animals………domestic, wild and farmed.

For the past 6 years, my passions include Argentine Tango which I find is a metaphor for life. I also love teaching it! The feeling you have when dancing tango is different from any other form of recreation. You learn respect, how to connect and listen to your partner, as you move across the floor and life. It’s very Zen and timeless! I love food too! I use the bikes in the Y Fitness Center and I watch the cooking channel. I stay an extra half hour to see two shows, especially the ending where they eat the dish. I feel like I have this delicious gourmet meal, but only virtually ……, I still burn my calories! I love you Rye Y!

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