Rye Y Story Project: Jay

JaySMy wife has been a long-time swimmer at the Y but I procrastinated about coming here. I finally started working out when my doctor recommended that I get into some semblance of shape. In the beginning I used a personal trainer who showed me the right way to exercise. Then I became sick with viral pneumonia, spent a month in the hospital and underwent physical therapy. Afterwards, coming to the Y was a blessing and helped me sustain the work I did in physical therapy.

I enjoy being here and have a lot of friends here. As you get older and have a need for socializing, a social network becomes very important. I have that at the Y. I have some great conversations in the locker room and enjoy chatting with Fred at the front desk. Barbara Hughes in Membership has been very helpful to me. The Y is such a great resource in Rye – especially now, after the storm – we appreciate coming here for a hot shower.


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