Rye Y Story Project: Coby

CobyEMy wife and I joined the Rye YMCA about 25 years ago. We had never been members of any other gyms or YMCAs, due to our busy schedules. Because the Rye YMCA is local and I am a Rotary Club member, this facility is very convenient for both of us. My wife and I have lived in Rye Brook, New York for the last 25 years.

The Rye Y is special to us because of the members, staff, such as Gregg Howells, and the many friendships we have built throughout the years. Even though my wife has a really bad hip, she loves the staff so much that she pushes herself to attend classes as much as possible! My initial goal when I first arrived at the Rye YMCA was to remain fit. I use the fitness center and the racquetball court all the time.

I have established great relationships with members and staff. We partner together, in order to set up times to play racquetball. At present, I’m satisfied with my workout regimen, even though I don’t like working out! I do whatever activity I feel will keep me going!

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