Rye Y Story Project: Chris

Chris-My wife Megan and I came to the Rye Y about ten years ago. We live in White Plains and had belonged to the White Plains Y. Megan, who is a really good swimmer, was looking for a Master Swim class; the Y there didn’t have one, but the Rye Y did. We switched and never looked back. Now we have a family membership for Megan, our three-year old daughter Bridget, and myself.

I use the fitness room, the weights and treadmill. I also swim and shoot hoops in the gym. Megan swims, takes yoga classes and uses the fitness room. Bridget has taken swim classes here since her first Mommy and me class when she was six months old. She’s rapidly rising through the ranks!

We’ve made a lot of good friends here—people we’ve met in classes or in the fitness room. These friendships have carried over outside the Y. They’re some of our best friends now. I come here to maintain fitness and for stress relief. The Y has a variety of programs and helps me meet those goals. I haven’t gained a pound in the past 10-15 years. Megan and I are both teachers and we like the family vibe at the Y.

It’s a Godsend with a small child. My daughter loves to swim and see all the other kids. She knows all the lifeguards. The people who work here also make it special. Paul, who works at the front desk on weekends, treats my daughter like his own granddaughter. They’re very nice, capable people. My number one reason for being part of the Y is working out. My number two reason is the mission of the Y. I like the community focus.

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