Rye Y Story Project: Betty

BettyGI’ve been a member for 20 years. My kids are now adults, but they grew up in the YMCA. It’s a way of life for us. Whenever I’ve relocated, the first question for me is, “OK, where is the YMCA?”

I was called to the ministry. I thought I would retire as a school teacher but after 21 years, more and more people were telling me “You have a pastor’s heart.” I did feel the calling stronger and stronger, and I decided to leave teaching and attend seminary. I became an ordained reverend and I have a very strong conviction about my work.

When I found the Rye YMCA it was like a homecoming. When the Y opened its doors to the community after the hurricane, I told one of my colleagues, “This is a class act right here.” That’s why I’m a member of the Y and I support the Strong Kids Campaign financially. I believe in the work of the YMCA, to give back to our youth and seniors. They are a vulnerable population that needs the comfort, support and nurturing the Y provides. I have a very stressful vocation as the pastor of a large church in Mt. Vernon. I really need time just for me. It’s not just about getting exercise, although of course that’s important. It feeds my spirit.

The YMCA is a lifesaver for me.

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