Rye Y Story Project: Irving

IrvingRI’ve been coming to the Rye Y for 18 years. I had a stroke in March 1993. My life was changed. It was a brain attack. A hemorrhage in the left side of the brain that did damage to my right side. The thing I was very concerned about—what happens now? How will I be able to live?

Then I met a man named John Stackpole, who told me about the Rye Association for the Handicapped. I contacted the president of the Association, Lucy Pedersen. That call was a wonderful, wonderful savior for me. The Association for the Handicapped has offered me picnics, theater, coffee, cake, camaraderie, warmth, friendship and the Y is the setting. The Y has a wonderful way of reaching out.
Every Monday and Friday, rain, snow, [Hurricane] Sandy, I have been swimming for 18 years.
This is my story.

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