Rye Y Story Project: Chris

ChrisHTwenty three years ago when I was looking for a place to live, I drove by the Rye Y. I knew right away I had to live nearby. I bought a home a couple houses away from the Y. Everyone goes through my yard to get here – parents are always grateful that I let the kids from the middle school and high school walk through my yard.

I love the Y. Every day, first thing, I come to the Y, bring coffee to Viwat and swim. The lifeguards are great – I love to chat with Joe and Eaamon – over the years I’ve watched them helping people and marveled at their kindness. My brother Paul also comes here almost every day. For both of us, the Y is a source of physical and mental health. The Y is here whenever I need it. If I’m having a bad night, I come here and use the sauna.

The Y is such an important place in our community. I’ve met all my close friends here. When I think about selling my house – I can’t – because I can’t imagine leaving the Rye Y. My friend in Vermont keeps telling me that there are other Ys – but this is my Y.

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