Rye Y Story Project: Susan and Brett

Susan and BrettSusan: We have been members for about a year and live in Mamaroneck. We come to the Y for the swimming, water aerobics, the pools. We were members of the New York Sports Club and it was hard getting free time in the pool. We come to the Y on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the water aerobics classes. I like being in a class because it’s a set time rather than having to go on my own. I like the discipline of the classes. I don’t use any of the other facilities at the gym because it’s too strenuous on my knees.

Brett: I go where my wife goes. I never did water aerobics and realized her exercising for both of us did not work. She got me into it and I am hooked. I was a runner when I was younger but my running days are over. But I am doing the aerobics which is great and I feel more flexible. The pool is very well equipped with noodles, buoys, and belts. This is a lovely Y and the facilities are great.