Rye Y Story Project: Shane

Ten years ago we moved to the US from London. We are a well-being family, all of us. We needed somewhere local where we had access to fitness. Something more community-based than the latest high-rise gym. And the Y has a fiercely good reputation, not just here but everywhere.

My wife did swimming lessons with the little ones for a number of years. All three of my kids learned to swim here. Our oldest daughter is 16, our middle daughter Mia is 12 and our little man is 10. As they’ve gotten older, we’ve moved to different fitness routines at the Y. This past Monday, Mia and I went downstairs and worked out. We’ll hit the Y together as often as we can. My young man isn’t there yet but we’re looking to start getting him involved in the next year or so. My oldest daughter is inundated with work but when she gets some time she’ll take a run down here. My wife is in the Y three times a week swimming and spinning.

Number one, the Y is a cost effective way to make sure we can get our fitness routines in. It has a broad selection – I need diversity in my regimen. I’ve done a lot of training programs in my time and the Y covers every single aspect that I need – whether it is spinning or the machines upstairs. I just find it’s got the space and the scale. I don’t feel like there are a bunch of posers where if I might not be lifting enough weights I might get frowned upon. If I do something wrong there is always someone to help you. It’s good.

I like the routine. Walking in, in the morning, the folks at the front desk are super friendly. A good morning is always a nice way to start the day. The staff has been here for a while so it just drives the fact that there is a lot of loyalty here. I buy into that.