Rye Y Story Project: Sandy G.

SandyI came to the Y at least 20 years ago because I wanted to work out. Until about two years ago, I just did the fitness center. I liked that but then I saw all these other interesting and incredible things like Enhance Fitness and Basic Training and Pickleball. So now I spend at least half my week here!

I was always active. I played tennis and platform tennis. And I would hike. I tried doing exercises at home. We had a lot of different machines: the Nordic Track, the rower, a treadmill. But I would look for any excuse to stop exercising. When you come here, your mindset is so different. I think I’m doing more now than I ever did. And I’m getting up there!

This is just such a comfortable place to be. And the people—I have not met one person, staff or member, who was other than delightful and helpful and nice. I sell real estate and I think this is one of the biggest boons to Rye. It answers everything. It’s almost like a home away from home.

Most of the people in my family belong to a Y. My daughter lives in Martha’s Vineyard and there’s a Y that was built there about two years ago. It’s across the street from the high school and the kids come directly from school. My daughter has no power because of yesterday’s storm and she said she’d go to her office for the internet service and then she’d go to the Y to shower. To me, the Y is an extension of home.

I’m trying MELT at 12 p.m. today. I don’t know how I’ll survive it after Basic Training! But there are other women who have. One of the problems I have is just finding the time to do it all! If I did everything I thought was interesting here, I would be here six hours a day!

The thing I find just so amazing is watching the little kids. There seems to be something very open about the kids here. They smile a lot. I wish I came to a place like this when I was three years old. It’s such an advantage for them—the connections with the other kids and seeing them play outside. The moms sit and watch and the kids are free. And in these times, it’s nice to see kids feel free.