Rye Y Story Project: Lorraine and Janice

Janice: So we both decided to come and do the Aqua Flex class.

Lorraine: I love it. I liked Sheila’s class and stayed here because of her. Now she has moved up the ladder. She always helped me and told me how to protect my shoulder. When I started here, I had just had my operation on my left arm and it wasn’t working too well. I couldn’t get my arm up or behind me but as you see I can do that now.

Janice and I paid every three months for the course because we’re non-members. But as of last week I found out I could come through AARP’s United Health Care plan. I joined on Monday so here I am – I have a card! I don’t know what else I can do yet. What I need is to look at the schedule and see what they have.

Janice: I am going to join too. I’m just putting in my paperwork. I have problems with my back so Aqua Flex has helped me quite a bit. Especially with balance. The people here, the trainers, instructors and class members are just great. It’s a good group to come to and we’ve gotten friendly with a lot of them. It’s a good experience. I know Julie does an Aqua Zumba class and we want to try that. I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons and doing some more classes.