Rye Y Story Project: Jack T.

I’ve been coming to one Y or another since 1973. We moved to Rye 30 years ago when my kids were very young. At first, the Y was a place where our kids could come and enjoy the activities, be with other kids, get some exercise. All of those things! As they grew, they did more activities through school. Valerie and I started coming to the Y on our own to exercise – to take care of us. I try to come three times week in the morning.

I never want to come but I’m always glad that I did at the end. I do a partial circuit upstairs with the exercise equipment. Over time my routine has changed. I haven’t taken advantage of the pool in a couple of years. My wife takes classes but I haven’t yet – maybe when I retire. There’s been an ebb and flow with health and exercise throughout my life. I always know it’s better to stay active and keep moving. If some months go by and for whatever reason, I can’t commit the time or if I have an injury, I don’t feel as good. I feel sluggish and don’t have the same energy. Even when you know the benefits of exercise, sometimes it’s really hard to make yourself do it.

The Y is a valuable place for our community. I like the vibrancy here. I like seeing how many people participate in activities here. I’ve been involved in many Ys over many years and this is really the most community-minded Y that I’ve been a part of. It’s great!