Rye Y Story Project: Erik G.

Erik GWe joined the Rye Y to enroll our kids in swim lessons, which led to summer camp and other activities and eventually a family membership.

Now our 3 boys are on a year-round swim team and predominantly work out with their club team around Westchester County, but they occasionally use the Rye Y pool and some of the exercise rooms.

Primarily I use the fitness center for weight lifting, but I also attend yoga classes and swim, as well as using treadmills and rowing machines. One of the things that’s so great about the Rye Y is the diversity of exercise opportunities in one compact space.

The atmosphere at the Rye Y is always congenial and comfortable. It’s easy for all members of the broader community to enjoy the Rye Y, no matter why they’re here. Credit the staff and administration for making the Rye Y such a vital part of my family’s wellness.