Rye Y Story Project: Devon

Devon R. The Y was our first stop when we moved to Rye with a young child and a child on the way. We were looking for a way to get involved in the community and the real estate agent said, “You need to join the Y.”

The kids have taken the Mommy and Me classes and other kids’ classes. My daughter participated in gymnastics here for a while and we have used the between school and summer camp program. As adults, we swim with Masters in the morning and use the Fitness Center. My wife even launched and led a late morning Masters swim class here for a few years. It has become our local gym. My wife is a triathlete and she got me into swimming as well. My now 16-year-old son uses the Fitness Center with his friends on a daily basis. We come here together, but don’t work out together; he goes off with his friends. Now that I’m older and not as active, the next generation has taken over!

The Y is a great family facility. We came to so many events over the years with our kids including March Madness basketball and holiday happenings. We participated in the Rye Derby runs for a decade – both the 1- mile and 10k. For us, it is just part of the community to be at the Rye Y.