Rye Y Story Project: Billy B.

Billy B. I joined the Rye Y about a year ago. I live in White Plains and previously went to the Y there. When their pool closed, we came here for the kids’ swimming lessons. When my wife wasn’t working she would come here for the swim programs and Mommy and Me classes for the kids. And then I retired and my wife went to work.

Now I come and use the gym and my two-year-old daughter goes to the child care. Everyone in Child Watch is so wonderful. They’re a big part of why we come here and my daughter really looks forward to it. My six-year-old son goes to the camp here and he loves it. This was the second year he went. We also go to the gym time for the kids.

As for goals, I’m just trying to stay sane (laughs). When you stay home with the kids, this is a good break, using the Child Watch and being able to come here for an hour. I come about four times a week.

The people [make the difference here]. It’s actually awesome how much you end up talking up there. Everyone’s so nice. I end up talking to people instead of trying to stay focused. I don’t even wear headphones anymore because I want to talk to people. I like the staff too. Everybody’s great. The parking guys are great. The trainers are great. I had a problem with my elbow and they were showing me different kinds of workouts to do to work around it and to help it get stronger. It didn’t cost me anything; it was just people helping out. It was nice.