AraseliI started working here six years ago in Child Watch as a babysitter. Three years later, my supervisor left the Y and I was offered her position. I didn’t accept because I didn’t feel ready, but I wanted to help and learn. I didn’t feel prepared to supervise 13 staff members. I started assisting with supervision and learned so much from Kelly. At beginning of this year I was offered the position again and I accepted.

I’m really happy. I have the best staff. They help me so much and make everything easy for me. I love working here. For me, it’s the best place to be.

I love working with kids because they always make you happy. They have smiles on their faces and give you love. They share their stories and their imagination. They’re always happy to see you. Sometimes the kids cry at first but little by little they get used to being here. Then they just walk in because it feels like home. It’s the best.

I started exercising at the Y about a year ago. I started by taking a Basic Training class. I really liked the class and got more and more involved. I hadn’t done any exercise before. Nothing – just running after the kids. In the summer I decided I would really focus on exercising more. I’ve been exercising three times a week.

From May to now I lost almost 15 pounds. Just by exercising and trying to eat healthier! I started inviting my staff to take a Basic Training class with me. Now three of my staff members are taking the class with me and it’s really fun!

I love everyone at the Y. The staff is the best. It has been a great experience working here!