Rye Y Story Project: Christy M.

Christy M. We’ve been members here for almost 30 years, joining as we raised three daughters in Rye. We came initially for the swim classes that they loved. I many hours in the little waiting room by the Pa Cope pool!

Our daughters grew up, and participated in many sports in school, and are still into fitness as young adults. They are now living across the country from Colorado to Maryland, but Tom and I are still here. We both continue come for the Fitness Center and I also go to Pilates – I love Maiju’s classes!

We have both been involved with the Rye Y organization for many years starting during the expansion. This motto is so true – “If you build it, they will come!” This is still one of the most rewarding organizations to be a part of.

I love that the Y crosses all walks of life for our community. I love seeing people from the very young to those of any age who are maintaining their health. I have friends who have been involved in the LIVESTRONG program who have said it has been invaluable to them. There is something here for everyone.

We are fans! We tell everyone how great the Y is, and how important it is to our community.