We love helping people get into the Y easier by getting them a parking space. We try to help everyone. Some people have physical challenges, and we have them drop their car in the circle so they don’t have to walk as far. Then we park their car for them. It’s great saying hello to Y members, especially the kids who like to play with us. One of the boys loves to have us swing him around. Many of the kids like to give us a high 5.

During William and Danny’s conversation with a Story Project volunteer, Y member Chrissie Rupp came by to give them coffee and a muffin. She had asked them earlier what they would like. “They are so lovely and helpful,” Chrissie said. “It can be challenging with the parking, and Danny and William always have a smile on their faces.”

We have nice people like Chrissie who ask if we want something. In the cold weather, they’ll bring us something hot to drink, and in the warm weather, they’ll bring us a cold drink. We love the people here.

We also enjoy welcoming everyone to the Y. Some people say, “You are the first face I see in the morning, and you make my morning.” But they also make our morning.