Susan and LukieLukie: Once upon a time there was a little boy named Lukie. He was a half a year old. And he took swimming lessons and he liked sports. The end.

I’m four. [Now] I have a sports class with an even bigger court! It’s 80,000 inches longer!

I have Tuesday swimming lessons. I have sports [here at the Y] on Thursdays and I like t-ball and hockey.

Susan: what class did we go when you were little? Did we go to Dawny Dew and Ellen Watermelon? Did you like that?

Lukie: A lot! Guess what? On movie day we got goldfish and goodie bags.

Susan: Lukie started coming here when he was six months old. Lukie and my granddaughter Ava both started swim lessons here when they were each six months old. I’m Lukie’s grandma; the children call me nannie. And I am so very lucky, I get to watch my grandchildren during the week. It’s a joy and privilege to be such an integral part of their lives.

Lukie: o-k, but I’m a little bit done with this now.

Susan: o-k. We love coming here and we made a lot of friends. And now we’re going to go back and have some lunch.