Stan C. I’ve been at the Rye Y 20 years since September. I started part time with the teen program then I became a building supervisor. I’ve been going to the Y since I was a pre-teen. I started with the New Rochelle Y where I learned how to swim and went to summer camp. I was a counselor in training, a junior counselor and then a counselor.

Once I started working here, I stayed. When I was in college, working another job, I always stayed part time at the Rye Y. No matter what else was going on, I was always here. I don’t think I would feel right otherwise. It is a part of my life.

As a building supervisor, we try to maintain order in the building. I usually come in the evening so I close the building down, make sure everyone is out. But more importantly, I get to connect with all the teens, all the members and the staff. I’m moving around, talking to everybody.

The connections are the main thing. It is amazing because some of the members who were teenagers when I started, are grown and still come. Sometimes I see them in town and they have their own families now and are adults! It doesn’t seem like 20 years! Even staff, like Coach Kate’s daughter Megan, was a little baby when I first met her and now she looks almost 6 feet tall. I can go on and on. I see people come in with their babies, do the tour, join and then their kids are off to college. You build these relationships and they stay. The relationships you build over the years with staff and members are what matters.