I came to the Rye Y when I was seven. My parents signed me up for summer camp here. I was going to the camp until I was about 14. Once I was 15, I became a camp counselor. I worked for seven summers, on and off as a counselor in the Sports and Discovery camps.

After a certain point, maybe four years ago, I started working here during the year as a sports instructor. I was doing the after school programs. I was working recess at Osborn School. I was doing the Youth Basketball League on the weekends and youth soccer, t-ball–pretty much every sport that we’ve done here. It was a lot of fun being able to go to the different schools. A lot of times, when I come here to work out, I see these kids that I worked with years ago. They recognize me and remember my name so that lets me know that I left a lasting impression on them.

Now I still work here as a gym supervisor on the weekends and I substitute for the building supervisor. I’ve stayed at the Y because it’s really comfortable knowing all of the staff and knowing the facility and everything that goes on here. Working with kids, it definitely helped being here as a kid. Knowing how things go and being able to give what was given to me when I was a kid is nice.

I work at Wells Fargo in Armonk during the week. On weekends I work at the bank and here at the Y. I also go to school at Baruch College in the city. I’m looking forward to getting my bachelor’s in finance in May.

I’ve been here through so many transitional phases, since before the renovation. When I started going to camp, it wasn’t even based at Osborn School. I’ve been able to see the growth here. I think that’s pretty incredible. It’s a good thing to be a part of.