I have three boys, 16, 14 and 11. My older son would come to the Y with friends and say “Mom, I want to join.” I’m a single Mom with three boys and worried that it wasn’t affordable. So, instead he would pay $5 every time he came after school. When I did look into joining, I discovered that I was eligible for a scholarship.

My older son works out for BMXing. My middle son plays football and he and his friends work out here. My little one likes to swim. I like the bike and free weights.

The ExerZone is so great! Some of the Rye High cheerleaders exercise here and showed me some exercises. They say “one more, do one more!” I do the T-wall and monkey bar with my son. I use the big ball, the equipment that you kick, the ropes, everything. I’m here some days with my kids and some days on my own.

The locker rooms are beautiful – the showers are nicer than in my apartment. The sauna is great and everything is very clean. The Rye Y is a great place for the family. It has brought us together. Being here together is really healthy for the kids. And being part of the community is so positive.