I live in Riverside CT so my family and I were members of the Greenwich Y. The first time we came to the Rye Y was when the pool closed down in Greenwich during their construction. We wanted to do the family swim. My kids love the Pa Cope pool. The first time we came to the Rye Y pool it was a Sunday and a very quiet day compared to the Greenwich Y. The staff here are great and my son now loves swimming.

Since I started working here in January 2018, both of my kids have participated in the summer camp and really enjoyed it. Now, my son takes swimming lessons and my daughter participates in gymnastics. They are very happy with both programs. I started personal training with Susan Jones about a month ago. I completed six classes and it was great. Susan is a very good trainer. She knows what I expect out of the training. She’s very nice and soft-spoken.

As a parent, I feel my kids love the staff here and that makes me really happy when they are happy. The staff motivates and challenges my children and that’s another reason why my children enjoy being here. As a staff person working at the Rye Y, I feel we have wonderful staff and I love working here. I won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.