Mike I joined the Y a week ago. I recently moved to Rye from New Jersey. I had belonged to a Y in Red Bank, NJ and one close to the office in New York. I closed the office and moved it out here so I needed a Y.

I had belonged to the Red Bank Y since ’87 and the Vanderbilt Y since 2011. I like the YMCA community. Being a newcomer to the area, and not belonging to a triathlon club or a running club, the Y’s the easiest place to meet people, especially when they first open in the morning. If you’re a type A, you’re banging at the doors at 5:30 a.m. like everybody else. So you find similar type people in the pool at that hour.

That was one of the reasons I joined. Plus the facilities are nice, they’re clean. The locker rooms are great. I come here to swim, ride the bikes, lift weights. I try to stay in shape because I do triathlons.

I’m very happy. It’s been only a week, but the facilities are great. The six-lane pool helps. The workout facilities upstairs are fine. The people are nice. The people who work here are great. So, what more do you need?