I am a long-time YMCA member. I was a member of the White Plains YMCA but they had to close their pool. Some of my friends joined the Rye Y and encouraged me to come. As a White Plains Y member I was allowed to swim, but not take classes. That was disappointing and kept me from coming. I tried some other options for aquatic exercise classes – the Bronx YMCA, the Tarrytown JCC, the YWCA in White Plains.

Finally I came to the Rye Y – I took one class and said, “this is it” and signed up. I live in Eastchester and the drive here is long but I still try to come three or four times a week. I like that there are five different morning aqua classes a week and different teachers. I only take aqua exercise here. I did try one yoga class and it loosened me right up. And I was really tight. It was like a miracle.

I’m happy to be here. I think all the instructors are fabulous but Sheila is really amazing. I don’t keep my shoulders back and that is a life-long problem. But when I’m in the pool and Sheila says “Straighten up!” I straighten up. When I’m in the car and hunch over I think “if Sheila saw me sitting like this” and I straighten up. Even her stretch class before the aquatics class is a very good class. I don’t want to go upstairs and use the Fitness Center. I love the water.

This summer my husband and I played some Pickleball. We signed up for the next Pickleball game here. He will be retiring this spring and I’d love him to join here and then we could come together.