MarleneMy family joined the Rye Y in 1995 when we moved to Mamaroneck. We had a neighbor across the street who moved here from Japan and she told us that she always went to the Y. So, she directed us how to get here and we joined!

My kids were five and three at the time. Initially, I was looking for swimming for the kids. But I immediately started doing yoga,

which was held in the basement at the time. It was Nora’s class. My husband did the weight room. As time went by, my daughter and her little sister did gymnastics at the Y and my son did basketball. All three did swimming. And they went to the summer camp, which was great for working parents.

Now I mostly do yoga and the group weight classes. I work from home two days a week so I like to go the classes at lunchtime. And I come on the weekends. It really works well with my schedule.

I like the fact that the Y helps people who can’t afford it. It’s a community organization, not just a gym. I think there’s more to it. And I like the fact that there are always kids around. It’s not just adults working out.