LindseyMy family joined the Y earlier this summer so my son, who was 18 months at the time, could participate in the swim class. We were new to the area and many local parents recommended the Y as a great place for Mommy and Me classes.

We loved the swim class over the summer and now we’re doing two more active gym classes for the fall. My son gets very excited on the days that we head to the Y.

I have not been able to take full advantage of the adult programs yet, but I have taken a tour and I look forward to taking some of the group fitness classes and yoga classes at the Wainwright House.

I love that there are so many class offerings for babies and toddlers. All of the teachers here have been wonderful, even compared to other local classes that are more expensive. Everyone’s a professional. They’re warm with kids. They know what they’re doing. My son has already learned so much, especially in the swimming class, where he learned about water safety and what to do in the pool.

We love the Y. We can’t wait to take advantage of it more as we continue to settle in.