I have been a member of the Rye YMCA since we moved to Rye about 23 years ago. For a number of years, I was not serious about health and fitness. It wasn’t until the past ten years that I started taking serious interest in my health. I started to see a number of different health problems arise, including diabetes type 2. As a result, I began my journey to get my weight to a manageable level. I found that exercise added not only physical fitness, but also mental fitness.

Five years ago, I went through a serious infection due to my diabetes. This opened my eyes to the importance of being more mindful of my diet. I started to apply myself in cutting out sugar and carbohydrates from my diet. I also started to come to the Rye Y every day. With the help of the resources here at the Y, I was able to get my blood pressure and sugar down to normal. I was also able to manage my weight, losing approximately twenty-five pounds since I began my journey.

I’ve incorporated coming to the Y into my life. My wife is a member as well and while I enjoy using the Wellness Center, she prefers to swim laps in the pool. She tries to convince me to swim and I try to convince her to use the Wellness Center.

Between volunteering at a nursing home in Mamaroneck and a member here at the Rye YMCA, I have been able to find and a routine in my life that I enjoy.