HowardI find that exercise is important to my health and mental state. I belonged to a gym in Manhattan but when I retired seven years ago I joined the Rye Y. I particularly like the Y because it is a very community- orientated environment. I enjoy meeting people from the community. I’m here five days a week and have a few different workout routines in the Fitness Center.

I worked in a competitive business environment and had many business acquaintances but they weren’t really good friends. When I retired, I realized that I didn’t have male friends other than business associates. My whole social life was being engineered by my wife.

So I thought it would be nice to get to meet other men from the community, which I have definitely done here at the Y. I have become friends with people I’ve met in the gym and locker room. I’ve become close to a few of them but some I just say hello to and exchange a few words. It is very nice to have someone say “Hi, how are you doing?” In and of itself that is a very satisfying thing. That is one of the reasons I’m here. It has been a great boon to my life.