I moved to Rye Brook from New York City five years ago. I’d become sick from a rare reaction to a flu shot that had left me paralyzed on the left side of my face and in bed for a year. When I began to recover, I committed myself to making the best use of my body to express my gratitude for my health and to the people who had helped me along the way.

I am now a Certified Water Aerobics and Pilates Instructor. I came to the Rye Y for the family and community environment. I wanted to give back and to be among people who were helping each other. I wanted to help people of all abilities and ages. I care deeply about the people who take my classes. If someone doesn’t show up for a class for a while, I call them or email them to make sure they are okay.

It is my goal to give all of myself in these classes. I want to help people leave their troubles behind and feel good and look at what they’ve accomplished. I play upbeat music (Pink and Beyoncé) to set the tone, so that people will leave my class feeling inspired and light.