FrankI am a former member of Lifetime Fitness. it was a nice place but the only thing I was doing there was swimming and it wasn’t a good value. A friend of ours was a Rye Y member and suggested that we join. My wife and I have been here about a year.

I like that the Y is clean; the instructors are on time and do a nice job. I like the social aspect. It’s convenient and fits my lifestyle perfectly. I’m retired and take care of my mother and my grandchildren a couple days a week. So I come in the morning, do my thing and leave.

I swim every day and take the aquatic exercise classes also. My wife uses the gym and swims. I’m the only guy in the aqua aerobics classes. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it in the beginning but my wife encouraged me. It’s turned out fine. I’ve been accepted. I enjoy the coffee socials. I’m happy here!