ElizaI started at the Y at two years old. I was mostly doing rollie pollies and bad handstands. I was flopping all over the place. I did the class with Tatum as I got older, and was about four. I joined a class with Kayla when I was, I think, five turning six. I started team last year. I used to do swimming, but then I ended up in the cold pool and I didn’t really like it there.

I’ve always loved gymnastics here. I mostly like to do the floor routines. They’re really fun. Gymnastics is really fun and entertaining for me. I’ve met Tierney here and Juliet. I like bars and floor because I like to swing about. I did a lot of gymnastics clinics, camps, and cartwheel–a-thons. I really think that a lot of families are grateful for the cartwheel a-thons because so many people do them and they get a lot of money to help their families continue with classes here. Last year I did 36 cartwheels. I got a lot of sponsors from my whole family.

I think this a very fun place with a lot of good coaches. The gymnastics is really fun for me. I think I’m going to continue doing it until I’m too old for gymnastics. I’m going to study to be a teacher when I grow up.

I’ve gone from bad rollie pollies and handstands to doing front handsprings and back handsprings. I also want to continue studying dance, cheerleading and teaching.