KimIt’ll be a year in January since I first started coming to the Y. There was a promotion, and I came the day before it ended. I came because I was having a conversation with my girlfriend who’s a breast cancer survivor. She lives in Pennsylvania and we’ve been friends since junior high. She said that she had started going to the gym and I said ‘oh, my local gym is having this promotion.’ She said ‘well you have to go!’ I asked why and she said ‘because I want us to grow old together.’

I come regularly every other day. It’s a great facility. It’s really nice. I’m mostly in the fitness center. It’s clean, it’s friendly. I’ve only been in the pool once or twice—it’s not my thing, but it’s nice knowing that it’s there. I’ve done water aerobics, spin classes. And it’s easy for me. It’s actually the closest gym to my house. And the price is right; it’s not expensive for what you get.

I’d belonged to many gyms in the past. But I hadn’t worked out regularly in probably eight years. And it feels really good to be back on a regular fitness program. I come here for stress relief so I don’t have a fitness goal per se. But the best I feel on any given day is after my workout. So that’s what motivates me to come back: how good I feel after I work out.