I’ve been coming to the Y for a few years now. My three children first brought me here; I enrolled each of them into summer camp. Thereafter, I enrolled each of them into the basic swim classes. Luke, the youngest, recently learned to swim. They also partake in Family Nerf Night and take karate classes. They love it here at the Y and since I was spending a tremendous amount of time here I decided to join a few classes myself.

It’s crazy to say, but I have a small gym in my basement. I never make it down there but my husband does. I need someone to work out with, so the class atmosphere is exactly what I needed and the music makes workouts fun. JT, I must say, reeled me in from the start. Motivation is important to me and he’s a great motivator. I love his energy, it’s so contagious. Coming to the Y and attending my fitness and yoga classes three times a week is a win and my personal goal. Otherwise I’d get in a rut and it’ll be weeks before I make it to the gym again and then I’m sore for much longer. So far I’ve been able to accomplish this goal with the Y’s motivation.

Everyone here is super friendly and that’s huge for me. They make you feel comfortable, from the valets to the instructors and other members. Especially the women in babysitting; Luke and I just love the babysitting service. It’s a life saver. It’s a reason I’m able to attend classes. The smiles on everyone’s faces is nice and it makes for a good gym day, motivation everywhere.