I live in New Rochelle. I was born and raised there. I was originally a member at the White Plains Y. They had some pool complications and I’d always heard about this gym and how clean it is and how organized and I see it firsthand. My mom was the gift buyer for Rye Beach Pharmacy so she always used to mention this as a nice YMCA.

So I used this gym membership in the interim while White Plains was getting fixed. Bottom line is, I just joined straight from there two months ago.

I basically try to swim five days a week, Monday through Friday. I do some cardio upstairs, but mainly swimming. My goal is just to feel good and get in good shape. This is my way of getting myself back to square one. This is the way I start my day.

I’m getting my Master’s in physical education right now from Manhattanville College. So I’m on my way to being a phys ed teacher as well as running a coaching business in Westchester. I run a private coaching business, 101 Instruction, so I’m very involved in athletics and kids and sports. I primarily coach baseball and a little bit of basketball. I was a college baseball player at Purchase. I was an assistant baseball coach there last year as well.

This Y is very organized. It’s very clean. The members here are great to interact with. And the staff is very good, top notch. I’m very pleased about being here. Everyone is very accommodating.