I moved here from the city in 1999, when my kids were small. Charlie Clute hired me to teach the Alexander Technique, which we don’t teach here anymore. He then coached me and spurred me on to teach older adult fitness. Ever since then, I’ve been working at The Osborn, and at the Wainwright House teaching the Limbercize class. I’ve taught a lot of fall prevention classes and now I teach Dynamic Balance at The Osborn. I also teach Tai Chi and Enhance Fitness.

Originally I was a dancer. I became a personal fitness trainer in Manhattan in the nineties, and went to people’s homes before they had all of these gyms. And then I had my children and moved out here when they were one and three. Now they’re 19 and 21 and in college. But I’ve been working here ever since.

I think people are becoming more mindful about what they do, so there are a lot more yoga classes than there ever was. But there are also a lot more classes geared towards older adult fitness. The Y is really addressing that niche. And there are a lot of older adults —and not necessarily older adults—who take my Tai Chi class. Again, for more mindfulness as well as balance and staying in shape.

The connections that I make with people here give me satisfaction. I see them three times a week and it’s just a nice family feeling. People know each other and come to exercise and have fun. I love to make people laugh and dance and lighten up a little.

I also work out at the Y and I’ve had amazing teachers here. Kaleena was a coach of mine for a long time and I really, really love the Basic Training class that Yvonne and Laura are teaching now.

There’s a lot of heart at the Y and that’s why I’m still here. I probably could have gotten jobs in other gyms but I like the sense of community and the friendliness of this place.