I am having a wonderful journey at the Rye Y. My day starts off with a warm welcome and smile from Barbara Hughes and her staff, who always accommodates anyone’s needs or questions.

I can’t wait to see my friends in the locker room and pool. We all share our experiences, problems and joys – both happy and sad. There is a very unique bond and friendship that has developed in our Aqua classes. I am grateful to Vickie Tsakmakis and all the outstanding swim instructors.

I love organizing activities and luncheons and make sure everyone feels welcomed to join in the fun. No one is ever left out. At Christmas we celebrate in a restaurant with a holiday party filled with laughter, food, surprise games and raffles.

I’ve become the unofficial ambassador and “Martha Stewart” for the water exercise classes. I’m a nurturer by nature and enjoy trying to solve problems. I love the feeling of helping others. I also appreciate the support I received from my friends (I call them my Aqua Angels) here at the Rye Y. This is what the Rye Y stands for – helping each other and spreading happiness and caring where ever you go in life.