I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately because of people in my life who have had cancer. The members of my water exercise class made videos in the past year to send to two members who were sick and their families. One of them passed away last week. I realize it makes an impact to reach out like that. The families appreciate it.

These losses have affirmed my appreciation for my health. My granddaughter, who is only 26, has cancer. She just had surgery. She’s my motivating factor. I’ve been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and have taken up knitting! And I don’t even like to knit!

My water exercise instructor, Valerie, encouraged me. We all enjoy and benefit from her as an instructor. She is absolutely phenomenal. She encouraged the entire class to come and knit for the Togetherhood project. She has such a winsome way – you would think she never had a cloud in her life. And of course Sheila is amazing. I always praise Sheila. If there was a Nobel Prize for instruction, she would win it.

I love the physical plant here. The Y has done a magnificent job with the locker room renovation. It is very thoughtful design. And I like the universal locker room. It helps a lot, keeps traffic moving. The cleanliness is phenomenal. It couldn’t be better. The staff really works at it, and believe me, I see the mess they clean up!

My story here keeps evolving, that’s why I keep telling it. I come here for my health but it’s not just physical – it’s my mental and emotional health as well.