My wife and I just re-joined the Rye Y. We belonged to a more expensive gym and it didn’t go well. We weren’t happy there. So we haven’t exercised for a while. I’m a type 2 diabetic and the doctors said “you’ve got to exercise.”

We haven’t had any complaints so far and we complain about everything. We like that the Rye Y is compact, not a hundred people exercising at the same time as you. The new locker room is unbelievable. It smells brand new. Very impressive. I’ve been doing the upright bicycle, treadmill, weights, stretching – just getting my heart rate going. The Fitness Center staff is very helpful, very nice.

The hardest thing is getting started. I always have an excuse. It works best if I get up early and exercise right away because if I get up later I end up doing errands and I don’t make it here. As early as I get here, I see people leaving! I feel good about myself driving here and then I get here and I find out I’m late!

It has been wonderful here. No complaints. I’ll have to see how things go with the open swim times once I get back to swimming. At the end, after I exercise an hour I feel so good. As hard as it is to get here, when you finish you feel really good.