I’m from Argentina. I came to this country about 17 years ago. I met a friend who works at the Y in White Plains. Through her, we knew about the Y. My kids took their first swimming lessons there. We used to spend time on the weekends or whenever there was free family swimming time. My kids played basketball and then when they got older, they went to a youth leaders’ program and they spent time with other kids their age. My kids are now 14, 13 and three.

I live in West Harrison but I work in Greenwich for a family. I bring their 15-month-old son Luke here for classes. We just started coming a monthago. Eventually, we’ll come to swimming classes too. I talked about the Ywith his mom and she did her research. This location had more activitiesfor little ones. We came with her to visit and she likes it. And that’s howwe ended up here.

We come to two classes; one is in the gym—it’s a music and gym class—and the other is the soccer class. In November, we’re probably going to come for more classes.

I like the diversity of people at the Y. The people that work there are very kind and nice. I feel comfortable. My friend is a swimming instructor and she does aqua aerobics and that’s always something I’ve been curious to try. But because I work fulltime, I can’t right now. I can probably take advantage of some of the classes later in the day.