I came from Spain. We decided to come to Rye to live for one year with my daughter, who is very happy in Rye High School.

I decided to come to the Y because I needed to feel part of the community. I started with Zumba classes and then Pilates. It was helping me to be better integrated into the community here in Rye and to meet other people, even people from other countries, not only from the U.S., because this is such an international community.

I like the flexibility of the Rye Y and the different classes. I especially like the group classes because it is easy for me to follow. I like very, very much the Zumba classes. But also when I don’t have the classes that fit with my time, I like being able to go to the fitness center. I organize myself based on my time so overall I think the flexibility is nice.

What was also very nice for me was the welcome I received from the YMCA in the sense of offering help and information. This family approach is very important to me.

One reason I am here is because of my neighbor. He is a part of the YMCA community and he recommended it the first day we arrived to Rye. On our very first day he said if you want to have a good community, go to the Rye YMCA.

My daughter comes to the Y. She goes to the fitness center with friends to do exercises there. She sometimes comes in the afternoon with me. She likes the Zumba. When she is on vacation we will do classes together, Zumba and fitness classes, because usually I come in the mornings and she comes in the afternoons.

When I was 27, I was in the YMCA, living in Manhattan. I was coming to New York to learn English and then was living for one month and one half in Manhattan in the 92nd Street YMCA. It was very good to us. We met with many people from everywhere.

I feel at home here. You have a lot of offerings for many different activities so when you are getting tired of something then you can decide to take any other kind of activity. I also like the place – the location, the building I like very, very much. You have the parking and you have the facilities that make it easy to come here.