We moved here two years ago from the Netherlands and joined the Rye Y in April. I wanted a way for the whole family to be together instead of going to a million places with my kids scattered all around. The kids need time to play and not spend their time sitting in the car going from place to place. They both do an activity on the same day here – one swims and the other plays basketball.

Next session they are both going to swim. I think that is so important because it is a lifesaving skill. The best thing about here is that you can just try different things out – one will also take a gymnastics class and the other wants to try karate.

I always rode horses but haven’t been as active since my kids, ages 7 and 8 were born. Two kids eighteen months apart are a workout in themselves! I noticed I’d lost strength in my body. I wanted to get it back and have tried to get in the flow with exercises targeted to what I need. I needed to do something more than walking the dog.

I love dancing so the Zumba class is great. I also take kickboxing and exercise in the fitness center. My husband cycles outdoors but will be coming here more as the weather gets colder. We had a nerf birthday party here recently and my kids loved it! We also did Family Nerf night, which was so much fun.

I love the atmosphere here and the way people help you. I have a back problem and a trainer in the fitness center, Brendan, gave me some advice. It was so helpful to me. And that’s amazing.