I joined the Rye Association for the Handicapped many, many years ago when we had a lot of people who needed help, which we don’t have right now. I enjoyed it and I helped them. I’m thankful for the YMCA that we are here as a family. We even have use of our own kitchen.

We lost a lot of people. I’m just thankful to the YMCA that we have this program. We feel just like a family here. And I really enjoy that. I come with them twice a week and I exercise with them in the water. And then afterward—I’m in charge of the coffee and the cake—after we exercise, we just get together and have coffee and cake.

It’s important to me to help them, to be a volunteer. I’m 81 years old and my doctor says ‘keep up what you’re doing!’ So, it’s good. I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m still enjoying it.

Just let them know, the whole group is thankful to the YMCA that they let us come here.